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ERNDIM has three management committees: ERNDIM is administered by an Executive Committee (EC) which is governed by the ERNDIM Board of Trustees. The EQA schemes are co-ordinated by a third ERNDIM committee: the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

The Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee meet annually while the SAB meets twice a year.

ERNDIM collaborates with the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and the molecular genetics EQA provider, EMQN CIC, to provide office and administrative functions in the form of the ERNDIM Administration office which was established in Manchester, United Kindgom in 2011.

The EQA schemes are co-ordinated and administrated by the ERNDIM Administration office.

ERNDIM has a national partner in each EU country.  National Representatives are key members of ERNDIM and assist the ERNDIM Executive Committee in disseminating the activities of the network to laboratories in their country.

ERNDIM Management Structure.

Key Persons

Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

Scientific Advisory Board

National Representatives

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