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Aims of the Foundation

Aim of the Foundation

The goal of ERNDIM is to reach a consensus between European Biochemical Genetics Centres on reliable and standardised procedures for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of inherited metabolic diseases. This is achieved through provision of quality control schemes operated according to accepted norms and on a European wide scale recognising that the number of laboratories in a single country is too small to provide sufficient comparative data for reliable assessment of performance.

We also provide education through meetings and provision of relevant documentation such as recommended operating procedures and annual reports of schemes on this website.

Our aim is to provide full value for money through minimal administration costs and efficient subscription collection.

Full details of the schemes and ERNDIM organisation are available in this website.


The Foundation supports or organises meetings at the national level to stimulate discussion between participants in order to improve their analytical performance. Meetings of participants of the individual proficiency test schemes as well as a workshop open to all workers in the field are held during the annual SSIEM symposium.

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