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Constitution for Board Members, the Executive Committee and National Experts

The Board of Trustees shall comprise in principle at least four and not more than fourteen members, drawn from at least four member states of the EU. A quorum exists of one more than half the number of members. Board members are appointed by the Board of Trustees in office at that time and may serve for a period of up to and not exceeding six years running from January 1st. On completion of this period Board Members shall be immediately eligible for reappointment.

The Executive Committee shall comprise four officers, a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and a representative of the QC schemes selected from the organising body of one of the schemes. Members of the Executive Committee shall be chosen by the Board Members.  The term of office will be three years running from January 1st. Members may be re-elected for a consecutive second term of three years. A person may not be elected to office again until a period of three years has passed. The Board can approve variation to the policy of limitation to avoid the co-incident retirement of all Executive members provided that this does not extend the term of office of any individual by more than two years. Officers may change their role within the Committee subject to mutual agreement and the acceptance of the Board. Up to two members may be co-opted onto the Committee for a maximum period of 15 months after which time formal election is necessary. Proposals for election of Executive Committee Members must be received by the Secretary at least four weeks prior to the Annual Board Meeting at which the election will take place.

The National Experts will be selected by the Board of Trustees.

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