Archived Materials Available for Purchase

14th December 2023

It is possible to purchase archived EQA scheme materials from previous scheme years for the ERNDIM EQA schemes dispatched on ERNDIM’s behalf by MCA Laboratory.

Subject to sample availability, it will be possible to purchase archived materials for for the following schemes:

  • Acylcarnitines in serum
  • Congenital Disorders in Glycosylation
  • Cystine in WBC
  • Lysosomal Enzymes in fibroblasts
  • Neurotransmitters in CSF
  • Pterins in Urine
  • Purines & Pyrimidines in Urine
  • Quantitative Amino Acids in serum
  • Quantitative Organic Acids in urine
  • Special Assays in DBS
  • Special Assays in serum
  • Special Assays in urine
  • Urine Mucopolysaccharides

Samples from the 2023 scheme year will be made available on this website in January 2024.

The materials will be available to purchase from Further details can be found here.

Important: all orders and any payments for archived scheme materials need to be made directly to MCA Laboratory and not to ERNDIM.